Robyn embraces a compassion- focused approach to therapy, encompassing skills and practices of mindfulness and heartfulness.

Self Compassion Workshops

Self-compassion involves treating ourselves kindly, like we would a good friend we cared about.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Participation in a retreat where you can make a personal investment in mindfulness, heartfulness and self-compassion.


You will find many resources here to help you cultivate mindfulness, heartfulness and compassionate living in your life. You can learn here about the mindfulness-heartfulness courses on offer too.

"I present experience and professional training in the areas of Employee Wellness, Counselling, Mediation, Mindfulness training and Life Coaching.”

Be kind ...

to yourself!

Guidance is offered to help you personally grow in mindfulness – heartfullness and self-compassion.

Robyn Wolff

As the trauma surgeon at the Christiaan Barnard Memorial hospital I got to work with Robyn Wolf, registered trauma counselor, since mid 2018. She is an integral part of our trauma team.

At our highest level of trauma care, we deal with the most severe forms of physical trauma that often require long stay in intensive care and further rehabilitation.

Robyn Wolf is most helpful to all patients who are in need of psychological support after being involved in various types of trauma (penetrating trauma through assault as well as life threatening blunt trauma accidents and burns).

She offers follow up consultations if required.

I remain available for any further information.
Dr Allard
Trauma Surgeon | Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital
We asked Robyn to come and spend 2 hours with our team to talk about ways of coping with and managing stress, and building resilience.

Each and every member of the team benefitted immensely from Robyn’s interactive session, so much so that the team members have requested a full day workshop with Robyn. Robyn does not only have amazing theoretical knowledge, she also shares practical application which is beneficial at an individual level. She is very authentic and made the group feel extremely comfortable, it was like chatting with a friend.

Team members who are normally quite reserved shared very personal issues in the group session. We can highly recommend Robyn for group or personal growth as her sessions are very beneficial in the group work environment as well as on a personal level.
Elsa Basson
Manager | Contractual Production and Development | Old Mutual
Robyn Wolff, registered counsellor, philanthropist and above all a beautiful human being, whose mission in life is to make a difference.

I had the privilege of first meeting Robyn in Jan 1999 while serving a life sentence in a Bangkok prison, doing a six-month stint in solitary confinement. Her letters and support were not only a source of comfort but also gave me strength to endure the most horrendous and inhumane conditions imaginable.

In short Robyn saved my life and I remain eternally grateful. Robyn also supported the rest of the other South African prisoners who were also doing life sentences over a period of 6 years before they all returned to South Africa.
Shani Krebs
Motivational Speaker | Author of ‘Dragons and Butterflies”

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