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Stress is very costly to corporate business. It triggers numerous physiological reactions that can have a negative impact.

Mindfulness reduces stress and heartfulness creates more compassionate living, where the heart and mind is connected.

Stress is very costly to corporate business. It triggers numerous physiological reactions that can have a negative impact on health and wellness.

Increased health care translates into increased annual premiums for health insurance. Health problems due to stress cost employees increasing absenteeism, poor work performance, drop in productivity, work injuries and life style diseases.

Due to more than 50% of adults reporting high daily stress, it is likely that stress takes a huge emotional toll at every work place. If employees do not learn to deal with stress effectively, over time it can seriously effect job performance, work enjoyment and personal well being.

Training is highly effective in teaching participants to become more responsible in the management of their own health, vitality and healing.Our training will teach participants the skills of healthy living, wellness and stress reduction, the training is designed for people who want to take an active role in their own vitality and health care and learn more positive responses to deal with stress in their daily lives.

Programs can be tailor made to suit the needs of the company.

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“You endure because of yourself, and survive because of others”

Davey du Plessis

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace”

Albert Schweitzer

Robyn Wolff

As a practicing registered counsellor and mindfulness- heartfulness & compassionate living coach for over the past decade, Robyn Wolff has developed the effective skills to address a diverse range of social and personal issues. Her insight and experience has provided an in-depth view into seeking viable solutions that result in effective and positive change within each individual. Equipped with over 13 years’ experience, a diploma in Pre-primary education, honors in Psychology and Mindfulness- Heartfulness training. Robyn Wolff utilizes her experience and knowledge to provide the effective solutions.Robyn’s approach is all rooted in compassion –focused therapy, which major key component is to use compassionate mind training to help people develop and work with experiences of inner-warmth, safeness and soothing, via compassion and self-compassion. Robyn Wolff works in accordance to the code of ethics and professional practice of the organization HPCSA.

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